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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Matching Program

Dear members of the Houston Chapter of SPWLA,
The Hurricane Harvey has been devastating for Texas.

Many of our friends were affected as lives and property were lost. We know that many of our members were involved in helping during and after the hurricane through volunteering and personal donations.
Our chapter would like to step in and support that by matching every donation that was done for the hurricane relief by our members up to $5000 to be given to American Red Cross.
Please send the confirmation of the qualifying donations made after the Hurricane Harvey to our treasurer at
Qualifying donations are made to non-profit, non-religious organizations for providing support and activities during and after the Hurricane Harvey.
You can also submit your donation to the chapter that we'll match and transfer to the American Red Cross using PayPal link:
If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Irina Borovskaya
on behalf of the Houston Chapter of SPWLA Board of Directors