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Call For Abstracts 

2017 SPWLA Houston Chapter Spring Topical Conference
May 10, 2017
Chevron Auditorium, 1500 Louisiana St, Houston TX, 77002
Topical Description:
Cased-hole logging and its interpretation has attracted growing interest when the market calls for more attention diverted into activities in cased wells. In the meantime, environmental concerns and regulation requirements have always demanded the oil industry to provide more accurate assessment of well integrity during or after production. Petrophysics has found applications in formation evaluation, production logging, well integrity monitoring to contribute to the various aspects of cased-hole logging. New technologies and interpretation methods aim to help operators and service companies move toward an direction of increasing revenue, efficient operation, and low cost.
This one day conference will be a forum for presentations and open discussions addressing practical petrophysical issues and challenges in cased-hole logging with updates on recent advances and sharing experiences.
Abstract submission deadline: April 3, 2017
Please send your abstract to .
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Registration for participation will begin in April.