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Designation: President
Name: Irina Borovskaya
Company: Conoco Phillips

Irina Borovskaya

Irina Borovskaya first started her career in the oil and gas industry in 2002 at the Schlumberger-Doll Research Center in Ridgefield, CT. She held various positions in research, consulting and operations while working in the United States, Russia and Brazil. Irina joined the Lower48 team at ConocoPhillips in 2013 and is focusing on appraisal of unconventional plays in the Rockies Business Unit, followed by Developement of Eagle Ford. She has B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in applied mathematics and physics and Ph.D. in mathematical modelling from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia. Irina is a member of SPE and SPWLA. She was a President of the SPE New York and New England Petroleum Section (2010-2011) and a Director for International Relations for the SPE Brazil Section Board of Directors (2012-2013). She was nominated and served as an SPE Ambassador Lecturer in 2012. Irina served as a Membership Chair and Secretary for the SPWLA Brazil Chapter during 2012-2013. She's been on the Board of Directors of Houston Chapter of SPWLA as Editor during 2014-2015, as Treasurer during 2015-2016 and the President 2016-2018.

Designation: VP Northside Chapter
Name: Hamid Hadibeik
Company: Halliburton

Hamid Hadibeik

Hamid Hadibeik received his MSc and PhD degrees in 2013 from the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Austin. He moved to Houston to work for Maersk Oil as an exploration petrophysicist in the Gulf of Mexico. Passionate about oil and gas operation with innovative technology, he joined the Deep Water Reservoir Solutions Center at Halliburton in 2014, and he is part of a team that is in charge of providing formation evaluation solution for worldwide deepwater wireline operations of Halliburton. He has served SPWLA and SPE societies in various positions such as: SPWLA Austin chapter secretary and director; SPWLA Rt-SIG treasurer, and conference director of RNC SPE Young Professionals of Gulf Coast Section.

Designation: VP Westside Chapter
Name: Chelsea Cassel
Company: Weatherford Laboratories

Chelsea Cassel

Chelsea Cassel is an Account Manager of Core and Fluid Analysis at Weatherford Laboratories. She graduated from Texas A&M University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Geology and Minor in Anthropology. Post-graduation, she has worked in Laboratories focusing on Geologic Services and has worked with Weatherford Labs for 2 years. Chelsea is an active member of the Houston Chapter of SPWLA, Gulf Coast Section of SPE, Houston Geological Society (HGS), East Texas Geological Society (ETGS), AAPG, Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), and regularly attends SIPES Meetings here in Houston.  

Designation: VP Downtown Chapter
Name: Rohollah A. Pour
Company: Alpha Plus Reservoir Solutions

Rohollah A. Pour

Rohollah A. Pour is a business development manager and Petrophysicist consultant at Alpha Plus Reservoir Solutions. Previously he worked as a Petrophysicist at BP Brazil exploration and also at BP L48 unconventional. Rohollah received his PhD and MSE in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University, and BS in Mechanical engineering from University of Tehran. Rohollah’s expertise includes dynamic fluid-flow simulations, mud-filtrate invasion, phase behavior, wettability, formation-tester modeling, HA/HZ resistivity modeling, rock-typing for tight-gas sand, NMR log processing, sonic image log, and integrated petrophysical evaluation of carbonate reservoirs. He is a member of SPWLA and he has served in several university and professional organizations including GEC, UT-PGSA, SPWLA Austin Chapter, SPWLA Rt-SIG, and VP Westside SPWLA Houston Chapter 2014-2015. 

Designation: Treasurer
Name: Tianmin Jiang
Company: Schlumberger

Tianmin Jiang

Tianmin Jiang is a Senior Petrophysicist at Schlumberger in Houston, Texas. Since joining Schlumberger in 2009, his work focuses on integrated interpretation with well logs, formation testing and core analysis for conventional and shale oil/gas reservoirs in Gulf of Mexico and US Land. He has published 20+ technical papers and has been granted three patents. Tianmin graduated from Tsinghua University in 2004 with BS and MS in Chemical Engineering. He obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Rice University in 2009. He is an active member of SPE since 2005 and SPWLA since 2010.

Designation: Secretary
Name: Yinxi Zhang
Company: Baker Hughes

Yinxi Zhang

Yinxi Zhang graduated from the Well-logging Lab at University of Houston with a Ph. D. degree in 2014. She has been working with Baker Hughes since 2015. She is a Research & Development Scientist and works on tool physics and log interpretation of dielectric and resistivity logging tools. She is an active SPWLA member and has served as Secretary of SPWLA Resistivity SIG for year 2016 - 2017. 

Designation: Editor
Name: Andrew Hind
Company: Consultant

Andrew Hind

Andrew is a Petrophysicist and trained as a Geologist. He previously worked from 2012-2016 in Schlumberger Information Solutions as a Support Petrophysicist for Techlog wellbore centric software. He specializes and is a certified instructor in borehole image log processing and interpretation. He worked from 2007-2012 as a Field Engineer for Baker Hughes Inteq in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and offshore Brazil. He worked from 2005-2007 as a Logging Geologist with Pason Systems in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico and Texas. Prior to working in the O&G industry, he worked in the Environmental industry as a Hydrogeologist. He has a B.S. degree in Geology from the University of Texas at Arlington.  


Designation: Social Media Cordinator
Name: Oyewole, Emmanuel
Company: BHP Billiton

Oyewole, Emmanuel

Emmanuel Oyewole is a specialist Petrophysicist at BHP supporting the Atlantis field development. He has a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M University and a bachelors in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech. Prior to joining BHP, he worked as a graduate research assistant at the multiscale formation evaluation group directed by Dr. Zoya Heidari. He’s thesis was on pore-scale simulation of electrical current and fluid flow in carbonate rocks. He’s technical interests include reservoir engineering, geomechanics and digital rock physics. Outside of work, Emmanuel likes travelling, discussing foreign affairs and dining out with friends.

Designation: Event Coordinator
Name: Jeff Crawford
Company: Halliburton Energy Services

Jeff Crawford

Jeff Crawford is a Principal Scientist in the Sensor Physics group at Halliburton Energy Services. He earned his PhD in physics at the University of Oklahoma in 2013. His current research focuses on LWD nuclear logging tool design and characterization, formation evaluation and Monte Carlo modeling.

Designation: Webmaster
Name: Amir Rangwala
Company: BHP Billiton

Amir Rangwala

Amir Rangwala is currently a Petrophysicist working for BHP Billiton Petroleum. He obtained his Masters in Petroleum Geology from The University of Karachi. He has more than 15 years of experience working with different companies. Started his career with Pasminco Exploration as an Exploration Geologist. Later joined Baker Hughes as Mud Logger. Also worked as Well site Geologist, Image Processing Analysist and Petrophysicist . Before joining BHP he was working with Maersk Oil as Senior Petrophysicist – Exploration GoM & Brazil. He used to work for Schlumberger as Techlog Trainer and Support Petrophysicist. Amir took over SPWLA webmaster responsibility since Jan 2015.