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Integrated Petrophysics for reservoir characterization


This course will teach you how to evaluate reservoirs and quickly identify flawed results.  Presents a carefully interleaved sequence of lectures, PetroDB-WEB demos in IP, micro-practicals, movies and Excel workshops to convey a flexible and very powerful petrophysical method.  Includes templates for Quick Look Log Analysis and Essential Core & SCAL to Log Integration. Continually updated, this course remains The Benchmark Petrophysics Course today!


Instructor: Mark Deakin, PhD (Petrophysics)

23-27 April 2018, 8-4pm

Fee 3,975 USD includes lunch

JW Marriot, Westheimer, Houston   (25 max)




PetroDB-WEB (coming soon..) is the WEB implementation of PetroDB-Vault, a fully flexible IP or Geolog evaluation command file linked to a 28,000 core plug database.  Logs are interactively calibrated to rock-typed hard data to create a convincing and uniquely powerful formation evaluation tool.  Calibration is performed via a diagnostic interactive plot which selects rock-typed equations and 18 parameters.  Parameters can be set externally in Excel for ad hoc calibrations of exotic non-log data. PetroDB-WEB is used interactively during courses to demonstrate powerful integration methods and model sensitivities.



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“Mark is a fun, highly experienced petrophysicist that can take challenging concepts and articulate them in simple terms. He would make an excellent professor! Great job.”


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