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Terryville Case Study

Speaker: Jorge Viamontes, NUTECH
April 5th, 2017
Time: Presentation starts at 12:00 pm. Lunch is served at 11:30 am.
Cost: Regular: $15;  Student: $10

Online registration and payment are required.

Address: Weatherford Lab, 5200 North Sam Houston Parkway West Suite 500 Houston, TX, 77086.
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Sign-in process: Enter the building through the main entrance (it is the doors with the big Weatherford sign above them). Visitors will then be directed to the conference/media room.
Capacity: 70
Impact of reservoir characterization on dynamic history matching and forecasting of the Terryville lower Cotton Valley formations and direct implications on future field development planning

Recent development of the lower Cotton Valley formation in the Terryville area by Memorial Resources yielded unexpectedly high well performance which instantly generated a frenzy of activity and an important gas producing play. Estimated well EURs in the 20-30 Bscf are not consistent with the current reservoir understanding or volumetrics.  This work concentrated on explaining through an integrated characterization and dynamic history matching process the observed well performance of the three initial Dowling horizontal wells and predicting the performance of the Dowling #4 well. It was determined that a unique petrophysical approach is necessary as the production performance cannot be explained without the introduction of the NULOOK textural thin bed analysis. A simultaneous history match to the three initial Dowling wells was achieved along with an excellent prediction of well performance to the subsequent Dowling #4 well. The thin bed analysis enhanced the length of the drainage area guiding the expected future well spacing to about 2000 ft. This is approximately 3x larger than the initial Dowling well spacing, indicating room for further development optimization. It also elucidated and enabled the correct prediction of the unexpected decrease in well performance at Dowling #4 well. Additionally, it provides a straightforward way to reconcile the observed well EURs with hydrocarbon volumetrics. This modeling approach indicates a similar production potential in others areas of East Texas, including and accounting for the fact that these are generally normally pressured and Terryville is over pressured.
Dr. Jorge Viamontes is a reservoir engineer with 12 years’ experience working in assets throughout the world. His career has principally concentrated on the development and optimization of oil and gas reservoirs at every stage in the field life. Dr. Viamontes has
aPhD degree in Experimental Physics at Brown University. He is currently responsible for NUTECH operational performance as COO.