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Recovering Dip Data from Resurrected Dip Meter Logs
Thomas M. Howard - PayZone Inc.

The meeting place will be at:
2455 Technology Forest Blvd
The Woodlands, TX 77381
The meeting will be held on October 6th from 11.30-12.30.
Lunch is included in the $25 registration fee.

When original interpretation deliverables are suspect or no longer available, interpretable and useable dip data can be recovered from paper or electronic copies of “Vintage” field dip meter logs, i.e. four pad, single or two button tools. Satisfactory results can be obtained from a 5 inch = 100’ paper log plot (or scanned tiff). Interpretations based on the resurrected data may be better than any original computer-generated interpretation, as the work flow centers on: 1) An experienced
analyst manually picking, editing and interpreting “events” and 2) Integrating iterative feedback from the end-user geologist. Most picks will likely be bedding dips; however, it may be possible to speculate about some picks which are otherwise including: legitimate fractures, faults, and/or possibly stratigraphic dips. A general workflow is described followed by discussion of several examples.


Thomas “Tom” Howard is Manager of PayZone Inc.’s Borehole Image Log Analysis group, and is a co-owner of PayZone Inc. Located in Bakersfield, California, PayZone is an oil & gas consulting firm offering integrated petrophysical, geological and engineering services with emphasis on reservoir characterization. Tom has an extensive background in geology, wire-line well logging, well log analysis and working with cores, honed from a number of years spent in the waste isolation,
environmental, and water well industries, before coming to the oil and gas industry in the mid 1990’s. He has worked with a variety of borehole image and dipmeter logs, and cores, from California, Mid-Continent, Gulf of Mexico, and Middle East wells for structural, depositional environment and/or fracture emphasis studies. Prior to joining PayZone in 2009, Tom worked as a Senior Image Log Analyst at Halliburton, and later as Senior Geoscientist at Baker Atlas. He has published, presented and/or
teaches on a variety of well logging and log analysis topics, including the use of borehole image logs for which he was a co-recipient of the H. Victor Church Memorial award from the PS/AAPG in 2008. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Earth Sciences from University of California at Berkeley. Tom is an affiliate of the SIPES Houston chapter, a member of AAPG, and SPWLA. He is delighted to serve as President of the SJWLS, the Bakersfield California chapter of the SPWLA, and is very
proud of the efforts of the chapter membership as the host chapter to the recently concluded 2015 SPWLA Annual Symposium. When he has time that is free of the demands of his profession, Tom surfs on the California coast and at exotic venues  around the world.