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Seminar Date: Dec 08 2021

Registration Opens: Nov 23 2021 - Dec 08 2021

Time: 11:30 AM - 01:30 PM (US CDT)

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Contact: Bernd Ruehlicke (President, SPWLA Houston Chapter)


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Speaker                                : Isaac Easow (Geolog)

Date                                       : Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Time                                      : 11:30 am – 1:30 pm (US CDT)

Venue                                   : GEOLOG Americas, 10402 Valley Forge Dr. Houston, TX 77042

Parking Info                         : Complimentary parking garage at Geolog.

Contact                                 : Javier Miranda (SPWLA Houston Chapter President)



This activity will include a boxed lunch with the talk and a tour of Geolog laboratory after the presentation. The seminar is sponsored by GEOLOG so no charge for registration. 

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Walk-ins are welcome but advanced registration is preferred. Please register by Dec 07th, 2021 @ 5pm to reserve lunch.



Surface Logging while drilling has always provided early and significant insights into reservoir geology, rock properties and hydrocarbon quality and quantity. In recent years, several advancements have been made to enhance the technological solutions, data acquisition and applications to improve reservoir characterization in near real-time by providing inputs to geology, geochemistry, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, sub-surface modeling, drilling and completion in both conventional and unconventional formations. These technological advancements provide cost-effective sophisticated techniques and methods to petrophysically and geochemically characterize reservoir rocks and fluids as an alternative to intrusive and often expensive open-hole and cased-hole logging, and coring. Advanced Surface Logging techniques deliver high quality measurements and data in real-time and deliver valuable information at a fraction of the cost of traditional well logging techniques, utilizing proprietary, sophisticated on-site equipment and/or at remote laboratories. Early characterization of these reservoir properties adds significant value in optimizing drilling, designing completions, future well planning and multi-well local and regional studies. These data and interpretations can be integrated with legacy and offset well data to provide a comprehensive understanding of the prospective and target reservoirs locally and regionally. This presentation will discuss various technologies utilized in recent years focused on both conventional and unconventional wells drilled and logged in North America. The technology solutions presented will include methods, measurements, and interpretation techniques for reservoir characterization, including: • Advanced mud gas logging using light hydrocarbons extracted from drilling fluids while drilling for hydrocarbon quantity and quality measurements and fingerprinting of reservoir fluid compositions and gas isotopic ratios. • Inorganic and organic measurements to determine reservoir rock composition, mineralogy, and source rock potential. • Fingerprinting of residual oil in drill cuttings to characterize reservoir fluid quality, composition, heterogeneity, reservoir connectivity and compartmentalization. • Evaluation of relative permeability of tight reservoirs using headspace gas from drill cuttings. • Detection and evaluation of open natural fractures in formations while drilling. • Generation of high-definition digital imaging of drill cuttings to aid subsurface geological modeling.


Isaac Easow joined the oil & gas industry in 1991 as a well-site logging Geologist after completing his Masters in Geology from University of Mumbai, India. He worked as a field engineer in various oilfield drilling locations in India, SE Asia, Middle East and Africa as a well-site Geologist, formation pressure evaluation Geologist. Since 2006 he joined the formation evaluation team to support real-time drilling monitoring and operations in North America, Latin America, and West Africa. Since 2011 he has focused on interpretation and operations support for conventional and unconventional reservoirs in North America as a Domain Champion for formation evaluation providing technical support and real-time Reservoir characterization services, based in Houston Texas. Currently, Isaac is active in promoting and executing reservoir characterization services utilizing advanced surface logging, reservoir fluid characterization, organic and inorganic geochemical techniques for projects in US Onshore, Alaska, and Offshore GOM and Caribbean. Much of the work is performed on drilling rig-sites and at Geolog Houston Lab with sophisticated benchtop instruments. The technologies utilized are real-time reservoir fluid and rock evaluation with advanced mud gas quantity, quality, compositions, and isotopes, XRF elemental composition, XRD mineralogy, TOC, Pyrolysis, Thermal extraction GC and digital cuttings characterization.

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