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Seminar Date: Apr 13 2022

Registration Opens: Mar 05 2022 - Apr 13 2022

Time: 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM (US CDT)

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Contact: Ron J.M. Bonnie (President, SPWLA Houston Chapter)

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Speaker                                : Scott Cintula (Quad Operations Inc.)

Date                                       : Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Time                                      : 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (US CDT)

Venue                                   : GEOLOG Americas

                                              : 10402 Valley Forge Dr. Houston, TX 77042

Admission                           : This activity will include a boxed lunch with the talk and a tour of the facility after the presentation. The seminar is sponsored by Quad Operations so no charge for registration. However, you still need to register here.

Parking Info             : Complimentary parking garage at Geolog.

The seminar will be also open for online registration. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information.

Online registration: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8023883337711857163

Walk-ins are welcome but advanced registration is preferred. Please register by April 12th, 2022 @ 5pm to reserve lunch using the provided link for those attending in person.

Contact                              : Javier Miranda (SPWLA Houston Chapter President)

Corresponding                   president@spwla-houston.org



Realtime PPFG (Pore Pressure/Fracture Gradient) analysis, interpretation and monitoring service is performed during drilling operations. Service can be delivered at the rig site and remotely. Performing real-time (RT) PPFG service can be very impactful on drilling operations; improving drilling performance, reducing non-productive time (NPT) and the potential to avoid health, safety, and environment (HSE) events. Since the arrival of COVID-19, a trend of operators seeking to minimize the spread and chance of having a COVID-19 outbreak onboard drilling rigs, compounded by a longer standing initiative to reduce their overall rig footprint. This trend has not only limited global RT PPFG opportunities but has also restricted the efficacy of this type of service delivery. In the following presentation I will discuss and seek feedback from clients as well as feedback and input from fellow RT PPFG technical analysts who’ve experienced this challenging trend. Results will be presented quantifying pros and cons of rig site versus remote and success cases. Finally, the overall impact, level of operator’s satisfaction, insight into best practices going forward and other lessons learned will be shared. References: Various operators G&G personnel & fellow technical analysts. References may wish to remain anonymous.


Scott brings over 20 years of oilfield geoscience and technology development experience; possessing a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Mathematics from the University of Alaska and a US Navy veteran. He is a consulting subject-matter-expert to Quad Operations for geopressured/geomechanics; with experience gained in offshore regions of Alaska, Black Sea, Mediterranean, Nile Delta, West Coast of Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, South China Sea, North Sea, Atlantic Canada, and US & Mexico Gulf of Mexico. Scott is also serving as a partner in new venture Qube Tech GPGM developing innovative software, wellsite technology, GPGM interpretation and operations management.

Scott was employed by Petrospec Technologies before joining Quad Operations and Qube Tech, performing Petrospec’s realtime PP-FG-WBS services for clients with PP-FG-WBS drilling challenges. Seven years later, after the Petrospec acquisition by Geoservices in 2009, and then by Schlumberger in 2010, Scott served first as Schlumberger’s PreVue service line interpretation manager, PreVue’s course developer and instructor, becoming an advisor within Schlumberger’s Eureka Technical Community. Later, moving on as the global account manager to BP for Schlumberger’s GSS business segment.

In 2014, Scott left Schlumberger to start ModelLOG Consulting LLC – a Geopressure/Geomechanics Advisory service, on contract with Quad Operations. In 2015, he started Integrated Surface Petrophysics Group LLC – an unconventional sector focused wellbore stability service. In 2016, the ISP Group was purchased by Excellence Logging.

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