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Seminar Date: Sep 14 2022

Registration Opens: Aug 10 2022 - Sep 12 2022

Time: 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM (US CDT)

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Contact: Amer Hanif (VP Northside, SPWLA Houston Chapter)


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The presentation will be followed by a 30 min. tour of the onsite Stratum labs, for those interested in staying on.


Speaker                                : Dr. Jennifer Adams (Stratum Reservoir)

Date                                       : Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Time                                      : 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (US CDT)

Venue                                   : Stratum Reservoir offices

                                                5200 North Sam Houston Parkway West, Suite 500, Houston, TX 77086

Admission                           :  This activity includes a boxed lunch. It is sponsored by STRATUM and no charge for registration.

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Contact                                : Amer Hanif (SPWLA Houston VP Northside)




An ever-increasing imperative to reduce carbon emissions is driving the demand for carbon capture sequestration utilization and storage solutions (CCUS). With the Oil & Gas Sector accounting for more than one quarter of all carbon emissions, working with industry leading geoscientists ensures the right expertise is convened to craft the right solution. Stratum Reservoir brings almost 50 years of global experience with applicable methodologies and laboratory practices and is actively working with ~60 CCUS projects globally. Our people and processes enable our customers to quantify data to precisely categorize subsurface structures and identify good primary and backup sealing lithologies to map a specific site’s integrity and safety. The following topics will be discussed: • CCUS Fundamentals • Stratum Value Contribution • Site Screening and Evaluation • Experience monitoring Gas Storage across the USA • Stratum Reservoir Current CCUS Activity • Class VI Analytical Program


Dr. Jennifer Adams received a B.Sc. (Honors Geology) from the Univ. of Waterloo, a M.Sc. (Hydrogeology) from the University of Alberta, and a Ph.D. in Petroleum Geochemistry from the University of Calgary. Jennifer worked on projects focusing on water chemistry, CO2 & H2S sequestration and basin fluid property prediction.  Jennifer co-founded an oil/gas geochemical service company, Gushor, in 2006 specializing in heavy oil fluid property measurement, production allocation and biodegradation studies. In 2009, she joined ConocoPhillips to support domestic and international exploration/production activities as a geochemist/basin modeler. Since 2016, Jennifer has worked with the OilTracers® group of Stratum Reservoir (formerly Weatherford Labs) as a petroleum system analyst performing unconventional resource fluid evaluation, production allocation, water chemistry studies and exploration geochemistry projects.