Challenges and Opportunities in Large-Scale Carbon Capture Storage (CCS)

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Seminar Date: Mar 30 2023

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Speaker                                 : Zach Liu

Date                                       : Thursday, Mar. 30, 2023

Time                                       : 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (US CDT)

Venue                                    : GEOLOG Americas, 10402 Valley Forge Dr., Houston, TX 77042

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Contact                                 : Neal Cameron (SPWLA Houston VP Westide)




Large-scale CCS deployment is imperative to reach the global average 2-degC temperature as outlined in the Paris Agreement. While momentum is building on some CCS pilots and small-scale commercial initiatives, large-scale commercial facilities remain scarce. Cost is a barrier. Despite government incentives, the economics of CCS remain profitable for few projects. Implementation of most CCS projects remain uneconomical or marginally profitable. The capture cost remains high. Hefty upfront CapEx for transportation and storage infrastructure burdens the economics. Lower return cannot meet the risk adjusted return requirements of funding sources. Transport and storage constraints. A great divergence exists between the capture capacity and the transportation and storage capacity. Low-cost CO2 sources suitable for capture are relatively small and scattered. Low-cost CO2 storage sites are typically centralized CO2 hub with large storage capacity and requires large upfront CapEx to develop. Risk perception and tolerance. Alignment of risk perception and risk tolerance of a CCS project is an ongoing issue. For example - an O&G company building a CO2 storage facility has a vastly different prospective on the risk of carbon storage from that of a dairy farmer along the CO2 pipeline. When risk perception and tolerance are not aligned, or even pitted against one another other for social and political purpose, it greatly increases the risk of CCS projects not coming to fruition. Decarbonization alternatives. CCS funding is competing with other decarbonization technologies such as renewable electricity, hydrogen, geothermal, and nuclear. Some have advantages over CCS but also have their limitations.


Registered Petroleum Engineer with 20+ years upstream O&G experience in CO2/EOR/CCS, current Director of CCUS at Wood/NA region. Served as 60th SPWLA president. Over the last two decades, has applied multidimensional skillsets in disciplines of Petrophysics, Geology, Geomechanics, and Finance developing regions of Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, Rockies, conventional/unconventional operation and A&D business development. Holds a BS Electrical Engineering/Beihang University. BS Petroleum Land Management/MS Petroleum Geology/ University Houston, and an MS Petroleum Engineering/University of Texas-Austin. Holds 3 U.S. patents, published 25+ papers in various SPE, SIG, SPWLA symposiums, journals and trade publications. Successful licensed CFA holder in carbon dioxide EOR operations.

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